Landscapes of the Galilee

The Galilee, a green mountain area in the North of Israel, can be described as one of many things. A touristic area, the wine country of Israel, a biblical history landmark.

For me, the natural landscapes of the Galilee make it unique more then all. The effect of the season changes makes the Galilee wear a new face every few months, and it’s always worth a visit.

The sea of Galilee is hard to miss while visiting the area, and if you’re on a guided tour you’re sure to visit at least one spot on its shore.

Looking onto the sea of Galillee

Another spot worth visiting is the Banias waterfall. The most beautiful one in the country if you ask me, always with a strong flow (even more during rain and in the spring time). A great place for an easy hike, and of course photographing flowing water, which is always a fun topic.

The Banias waterfall

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